Klingon Ale is Beaming into a Beer Aisle Near You

Today is Good Day for A Beer Credit: CBS

Today is Good Day for A Beer
Credit: CBS

Following the Earthly introduction of Vulcan Ale in 2013, the Federation of Beer announced this week its newest Star Trek licensed product, Warnog Klingon Ale.

The new beer, which is a Dunkelweizen incorporating a rye malt, is described a having a “flavor profile which is both unique and familiar” with “an aroma of “mild bananas and cloves.”

Frankly speaking, something on the order of an Imperial Stout would seem to suit the Klingon profile better, but after all, it is one big happy, (and at 5.5% Alcohol not too buzzed) Federation, with Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. A third beer is reportedly in the works.

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