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You can read a thousand articles about SpaceX on-line in any given week, but there is only one comprehensive work which details the first era of the company and sets current events into their proper context.

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Here Be Dragons: The Rise of SpaceX and the Pursuit of Mars is an in-depth history of Space Exploration Technologies Corporation and the Falcon 9/Dragon system which just won NASA’s Commercial Crew award to return human spaceflight capacity to the United States.

It is much more than that however.  SpaceX was founded with the Red Planet squarely in its sites, and at the conclusion of its first decade, the company, driven by the vision and relentless energy of its founder Elon Musk, is closer to that goal than any might have imagined.

From its days as a “Saturday Morning Breakfast Club,” through the trials of breaking in history’s first privately funded liquid fueled rocket to reach orbit on the remote Pacific Atoll of Kwajalein, to the May 2014 introduction of the Dragon V2 spacecraft, Here Be Dragons provides a detailed account of the rise of Space Exploration Technologies Corporation and the challenges it has faced, technological, economic and political.

Praise for Here Be Dragons:

Andrew Chaikin, Author of A Man on the Moon: “Thoroughly researched and well written..a must read for anyone who cares about out future in space.”

Leonard David, “A treasure trove of insight…expertly written.

David Baker, Editor Spaceflight Magazine: “Impossible to put down-sets new standards in space literature.

An Apogee Prime book from CG Publishing. 398 pages.

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