Published Material

MSNBC Science Commentary:  Why SpaceX is setting the pace in the commercial space race

NASA Future In Space Operations Telecon Archives (FISO):  Powerpoint and audio presentations for  EELV and Competition Parts I and II

Articles in the The Space Review

On SpaceX

On the Merlin engine : Is the Merlin engine the workhorse of future spaceflight?

On the Falcon Heavy: Following SpaceX down the rabbit hole  

The Impact of the COTS 2/3 Mission: Sailing in the wake of history

Introducing the Falcon Re-Usable: An American Fable


The EELV Program

Competition and EELV Part I:

Competition and EELV PArt II:

The final flight of Atlantis and the role of the Orbiters in the American Worldview: Of Ships and Space

Launch vehicle development and the forgotten goal of achieveing re-usability,  The Space Launch Initiative

Taking the Initiative: SLI and the next generation

Taking the Initiative: SLI and the next generation Part II 

A Private Lunar Mission: Bad Moon Rising