HyperLoop One Conducting Open Air Test Today


A bit off the usual topic for Innerspace, but this piece from MIT Technology Review gives a good account of the progress being made with bringing Elon Musk’s Hyperloop vision to reality. Hyperloop One, formerly Hyperloop Technologies, is conducting an open air test of its system in North Las Vegas, Nevada today.

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From the article:

“We’re working in a time frame that shocks people, because we have to,” Lloyd continues. The Hyperloop does not exist until it exists, and politicians won’t believe in it either until it exists, he says. Lloyd went state to state looking for somewhere with a loose enough regulatory system that a test site could be built more or less immediately. Although many states boasted the necessary “regions of great flatness and straightness,” as Lloyd puts it, all clammed up at the thought of a big, heavy, fast test track. All except reliably business-friendly and regulation-free Nevada. “People we got here hate waiting to do things,” Giegel says. So North Las Vegas was it. Lloyd says he is closing in on a deal overseas for a larger test site that could turn into a full-scale production system. As well as much more track, it would have the capacity to try out hauling, loading, and unloading shipping containers, and integrating with existing transportation facilities, such as docks.”

One correction: The piece states that SpaceX delivered a capsule to ISS five years after begin incorporated. It was ten years.

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