SpaceX / Orbcomm Launch Postponed

The SpaceX/Orbcomm OG2 launch has been delayed yet again, this time due to an undisclosed issue with one of the six satellites comprising the payload.

Orbcomm posted the following update on its website:

“All six satellites have completed additional testing and are functioning as expected. In an effort to be as cautious as possible, it was decided to perform further analysis to verify that the issue observed on one satellite during final integration has been fully addressed. The additional time to complete this analysis required us to postpone the OG2 Mission 1 Launch. We are working with SpaceX to identify the next available launch opportunity, and we will update the schedule shortly.

According to local media, SpaceX went ahead with a successful static fire of the Falcon 9 v1.1 first stage on Friday. Based on the outcome, it would appear that helium pressurization problem with halted the last static fire attempt during fueling has been resolved.

According to Spaceflightnow, the Air Force is set to begin a two week maintenance campaign at the Eastern test range, meaning that if the satellite problem is not resolved quickly, the launch would necessarily be delayed into early July,

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