Update : SpaceX New Launch Attempt Set for 5:46 pm Today


Update: SpaceX states that the company will not be providing a live broadcast of today’s launch attempt. SFN reports this is the first Cape Canaveral launch since the end of the Cold War which will not have a feed to the press or the general public.

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After scrubbing yesterday’s scheduled launch of the Orbcomm OG2 mission due to fluctuating pressure readings in the Falcon 9 second stage, SpaceX has reset the launch for today at 5:46 pm ET.  Thus far, there has been no word on what led to yesterday’s abort.

Weather will still be a concern for today’s flight attempt, with an overall 40% chance of local thunderstorms. Offshore, conditions are still favorable for a first stage recovery attempt, with seas running 3-4 feet. Furthermore, with today being the official start of summer and the longest day of the year, an on-time liftoff 22 minutes earlier than yesterday’s effort would presumably leave ample time to get eyes on the first stage before sunset.

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