SpaceX Falcon 9 Test Fire Video

Last night, Elon Musk posted this YouTube video of a 15 second test fire of the upgraded Falcon 9 first stage which took place on September 21st.

While no return to flight date has been set, Space News reporter Peter B. de Selding posted via Twitter that speaking in Berlin, Elon Musk said “We hope to launch in couple of months, maybe 6-8 wks. If things go well we’ll land the rocket.”


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  1. jim fackert says:

    I thought ut was suppoaed to take 4 or 5 years after a failure to get back to flight!
    Still wondering where the lost dragon capsule ended up and what shape it is in.

  2. Christopher Miles says:

    Good luck Space X.

    But pssst… Elon…. shush for a while.

    We want the back to flight to go well at launch. Landing would be a bonus. However, if this next launch goes poorly ULA and the SLS gang will hang you for Hubris.

    We’re still rooting for you, though. Good luck Falcon 9 team.

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