SpaceX CRS-5 Mission Reset For Friday, December 19th

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  1. Yesterday the seagoing tug Denise A. Bouchard transited the Florida Straits from the Gulf of Mexico with the stated destination of Cape Canaveral. The tug is 112 feet long, and was towing a barge big enough to make the entire package 167 meters long and 33 meters wide, roughly corresponding to the size of the SpaceX landing barge with wing extensions in a stowed position. As of now (Friday morning) the tug is just south of the Cape, steaming northward at 8 knots. ( I tracked it yesterday online and although the previous port is not given in any data, its track at that time was pointed back in the general direction of Louisiana.

    It would make sense that SpaceX would have to homeport the barge at Cape Canaveral, to be near existing SpaceX facilities when the first stage is brought back to land. Although there is no guarantee that the barge being towed by the Denise A. Bouchard is the SpaceX barge, it makes sense that it is.

  2. Another interesting fact: last night the Denise A. Bouchard was off Miami and steaming north at 8 knots, well on her way to arriving at the Cape by her ETA of 1200 UTC (7 AM EST) if not earlier. But this morning she has missed that ETA by seven hours now, and it will be another two hours or more before she arrives. Was this just a cautious slowing during the night? Or was there some incident that set her back?

  3. The Denise A. Bouchard and her barge are now berthed on the south side of the Canaveral Barge Canal, adjacent to Glen Creek Drive. After entering the canal, they were assisted in turning the barge 180 degrees and in berthing by the tug Eagle.

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