“Meeting the Manifest” and Making it to Mars : A SpaceX Short

Image Credit : Founders Fund / Anatomy of Next

While Elon Musk generally attracts media attention the way a black hole attracts wayward matter, SpaceX President and COO Gwynne Shotwell keeps a slightly lower profile almost by default. Make no mistake however, there is more than just one rock star in the company which is rewriting the launch industry and leading the way to Mars. Both points should be apparent in this brief video from March 2014, which addresses SpaceX’s immediate (and ongoing) challenge as well as its long term goals.


For all it accomplished last year however, SpaceX is still wrestling with the challenge of meeting its required launch tempo, and underscoring that point,  the company’s next launch, that of the NASA/NOAA/USAF DSCOVR mission has now been officially pushed back to (NET) February 8 at 6:10 PM EST.

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