Swiss Space Systems Offers Customers Stock Opportunity

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Swiss Space Systems has found a rather unique way to offer customers of its parabolic flights the opportunity to become investors.

According to the company’s latest newsletter:

“We’re offering S3 ZeroG flights at an exceptional price for a flight campaign taking place in Switzerland in the second half of 2016. More than purchasing a simple parabolic flight experience , this offer provides a unique option for buyers to convert their flight for a voucher of 500 S3 shares, a month before an IPO of the company is launched later this year. The buyer either elects to take their ZeroG flight, or optionally, to be part of our adventure by entering into S3’s capital.

Before its Initial Public Offering, Swiss Space Systems wishes to give the opportunity to the general public to take part in this unique entrepreneurial space adventure. 5% of the equity will be opened, with 1% to be distributed to its employees. S3 will later on give the opportunity to the general public to enter its equity, up to 4%.

  • Firstly, 4000 “Gold” packs will be sold, giving access to a “Party Zone” ZeroG flight* at a reduced price for the 2nd semester of 2016.

-Secondly, 800 “Platinum” packs will be sold giving access to 2 ZeroG flights at a special price, a “Premium Zone” ZeroG flight* for the 2nd semester 2016, including the exclusive S3 Breitling watch, as well as a 2nd ZeroG flight in the “Party Zone” for the 2nd semester 2016 as well.

One month before the IPO, S3 will give the possibility to the purchasers of these packs to convert their Party Zone flight into 500 shares of the company transferred by Pascal Jaussi, founder of S3.”

For S3, the parabolic flight campaign using its converted Airbus A-300 is the first substantive step in its plan to introduce small satellite launch capacity by 2017.  The critical piece of hardware is the fully reusable SOAR spaceplane which will boost the expendable third stage to an altitude of 80 kilometers before returning to its airfield. Major assembly of the vehicle, which is to be powered by vintage Russian engines, is scheduled for 2016.


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