Range Rover, Virgin Galactic To Award “Tickets to Space”

Land Rover, in participation with Virgin Galactic, announced yesterday the latest in a series of promotions which has seen KLM and Unilever hold contests to give away a  “ticket to space.”

The current contest, designed to promote the new Land Rover Discovery Sport, is divided along regional lines, with video submission promoting the spirit of adventure to be judged by an independent panel. Regional winners, each of whom will win a more Earth bound trip in any event, will then be judged again for the final contest, and can select three friends to go along for the ride.

You can enter here.

As Parabolic.arc points out, the provision of four winners for a six passenger cabin tends to support rumors that Virgin Galactic, which is in the process of a last minute switch in its hybrid rocket motors, may have decided to reduce the passenger capacity of its SpaceShipTwo space plane.

Whoever the lucky winners are, they need not get in a big hurry. A close reading of the contest rules states that their ticket will be honored at some point “within the first 1,000 flights.”  And then there is this, although the contest is designed to promote what most would consider a luxury car brand, Land Rover, your flights to adventure are still going to be in coach.

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