Tesla Motors Continues to Accelerate

6,892 Delivered in Q4 Image Credit: Tesla Motors

6,892 Delivered in Q4
Image Credit: Tesla Motors

Innerspace.net regularly reports on the phenomenon of Tesla Motors for two reasons.  The first, and most obvious is the connection between Tesla and SpaceX in Elon Musk. Given the SpaceX founder’s role in both companies, it is impossible for the fortunes of one not to influence the fate of another. With Tesla already a publicly traded company, news regarding the electrical car manufacturer can sometimes provide a glimpse into how a future publicly traded SpaceX might operate.

Even if there was not such a clear common denominator however, as the world’s most revolutionary electrical car company, Tesla Motors is already influencing the future of space exploration and settlement. As this previous article points out, the collection and storage of solar power is a crucial component in opening up a permanent future in space and off planet. To the extent fully electric cars enter the global automotive market, they cannot help but to drive innovation, increase performance and reduce costs in energy storage components.

In a broad sense,  today’s Model S is leading towards tomorrow’s general purpose Mars Rover, and perhaps more importantly, developing the experience necessary to construct provide constant cycle energy storage and release in human habitats which will need to function with absolute reliability day after day and night after cold Martian night.


Tesla Motors Inc. reported Fourth Quarter Earnings after the close of trading on Wednesday, and the results were as impressive as the run-up in its stock price, which saw a close at over $200 per share immediately before the earnings announcement.

Though the groundbreaking company still recorded a loss of $16 million in Q4 under GAAP principles, the amount has been shaved dramatically from previous levels, and under non-GAAP standards the company showed a net income of $46 million.

Highlights include a record 6,892 cars delivered in Q4, positive free cash flow and a gross margin of 25% without zero emission revenue.   In terms of performance, the company is expecting to increase delivery growth 55% in 2014, expanding its factory output and further penetrating the Chinese market. Closer to home, with the network of free charging stations expanding across the U.S., it is now possible to drive Coast to Coast without paying a cent for power.

 Drive on.

 Source: Tesla Motors, Inc. Fourth Quarter & Full Year Shareholder Letter

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