Where No Man Had Gone Before

Neil Armstrong.  An American hero, humanity’s first ambassador to a new world, and a symbol of mankind’s highest ambition and ultimate destiny has passed from this Earth. The honors, the superlatives and the memorials will flow in, and well they should.  He fought in one war, yet found his place in history as a civilian,  even as his nation found itself in another war. All eras produce their own heroes, but Neil Armstrong was and always be a hero not just for his own nation, and his own era, but something almost inconceivably rare, a hero for all humanity, and for all time.

Across the entire span of human history, precisely three souls will share the bond of being the first people to bridge the gulf between the home planet, its Moon, Mars and a planet orbiting another star. We have had the honor and the privilege of sharing the experience of one of those three, and we are all the richer for it.

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