Thank You, Jimmy

Editors note:  I listened with added interest to the Jimmy Buffest concert tonight, brought live via Sirius / XM  from East
Troy, Wisconsin,  in the hopes that he would dedicate a song to Neil Armstrong.  Better known for extolling the virtues of boats, beaches bars and bikinis, Jimmy has always maintained a strong interest in space exploration, and I would hazard a guess that he has actually recorded more songs at least referencing that subject than any entertainer of his stature.  After all, who else could release an album entit

Jimmy Buffet Dedicates Closer to Neil Armstrong

led “Beachhouse on the Moon”

I was not disappointed. Jimmy closed tonight with a special version of “Oysters and Pearls” with lyrics dedicated to Neil Armstrong. and you’re right Jimmy, we do need more heroes.

There is a reason I wanted to personalize this post.  If we are ever to build on the accomplishments of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, and those that came after, space exploration must enter the popular culture through every avenue, not the least of which is music.

Thank you Jimmy, for reminding Parrotheads everywhere, that the ocean we must sail is that between the planets and the stars.  And thank you Neil Armstrong, for charting the course.

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