SpaceX Launch Now Set for Saturday

After a scrubbed Tuesday launch attempt which was attributed to unacceptable drift in one the Falcon 9’s two second stage vector control actuators, SpaceX has set the next effort for 4:47 AM (EST) on Saturday morning, with a backup date on Tuesday.

A successful launch for the CRS-5 mission would see the Dragon spacecraft arrive at the International Space Station on Monday, January 12th for a 6:00 AM (EST) berthing. If launch takes place on Tuesday, berthing would happen on Thursday.

NASA had previously estimated a 90% chance of “go” weather conditions for the original backup date of Friday, January 9th, and while there has not been formal declaration for Saturday, a similarly favorable outlook can be expected.

As for conditions at the first stage recovery site, a gale warning currently in effect will have expired, and seas running as high as 17 feet will have subsided as well, but wind speeds will still be high, running 15 to 25 knots. While SpaceX VP of Mission Assurance Hans Koenigsmann told reporters at pre-launch  press conference that high seas in the 16 foot range would not be a problem for the recovery platform, the issue of wind speeds was not addressed.

Launch coverage will begin at 3:30 AM EST on NASATV and at

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