SpaceX Completes First Development for Falcon V 1.1

Development Complete Credit : SpaceX

Development Complete
Credit : SpaceX reports via its Joe Science blog, the following notification from  SpaceX received Thursday evening.

“SpaceX completed first-stage development testing on June 19 with a test fire.  This test achieved all verifications needed following earlier stage testing, and with this test we have achieved the equivalent of nearly two full mission duty cycles on the integrated stage.  We are now moving into the stage acceptance tests and final preparations for flight.”

A further update by the company also noted that a launch date for MDA Corporation’s Cassiope mission out of Vandenberg has been set, but has yet to be published.

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  1. Gary Warburton says:

    According to the University of Calgary for whom MDA made Cassiope the launch date has been set for Sept. 5, 2013.

  2. Thanks for the heads up

  3. mjv.theory says:

    There had been two launches set for July, with Vandenburg listing the MDA launch as July 9th and the Cape listing SES three weeks later. Now the ever changing schedule looks like this:
    Aug 13th, Cape, SES 8
    Aug 28th, Cape, Thaicom 6
    Sep 5th, Vand, MDA Cassiope
    Sep 16th, Cape, Orbcomm OG 2
    Dec 9th, Cape CRS 3

    Other vaguely announced upcoming SpaceX intentions:
    Summer?, Dragon 2 reveal
    December?, Pad Abort Test (in flight abort test: April? 2014)
    Dec/Jan?, Falcon Heavy inaugural flight

    So hopefully, at least 5 F9R tests this year – we could potentially see a first stage return in 2013. I wonder if that would have any effect on ESA’s stubborn plans for Arianne 6 to have the first two stages use solid propellent for introduction around 2021-22. They may yet change their minds and instead go for coal-fired steam engines. …..6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, toot-toot!.

  4. Gary Warburton says:

    Yes, that is the problem with hierarchical systems. Those in command frequently just get in the way, like SLS and congress while those who actually know better are pushed aside.

  5. steve Haskla says:

    Falcon V ? as in Falcon 5 or typo?

    • Gary Warburton says:

      Falcon V1.1 (or F9R) is the new designation for the new Merlin 1D engine. It also has the engines arranged in hexiconal fashion with one in the center rather than the Tick Tack Toe fashion of the 1C engines.

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