NASA TDRS-K, Korean KSLV Scheduled for January 30th Launch

TDRS-K Undergoing Fit CheckCredit:  NASA Goddard

TDRS-K Undergoing Fit Check
Credit: NASA Goddard

Two launches are scheduled for Wednesday, January 30th.

First up is the Korean KSLV, also dubbed Naro-3, which will be making its third attempt, following delays from October 26 and November 29.  The launch is scheduled for a time frame between 3:55  and 7:30 PM KST,  (14 hours ahead of U.S. EST)  with the precise time announced at 1:30 KST the same day.  KARI, the Korean Aerospace Agency will conduct a dress rehearsal the preceding day.

The second launch, out of Cape Canaveral, is a United Launch Alliance  Atlas V,  which will be orbiting a  NASA TDRSS, Tracking and Data Relay Satellite K at 8:48 PM EST. The launch attempt has been delayed by one day to allow technicians to replace a faulty Ordnance Remote Control Assembly Device. It is the first scheduled launch of the year out of Cape Canaveral, and its payload is the first TDRSS satellite to be orbited in more than a decade, with its predecessor TDRS-J having been launched in 2002.

TDRS-K will be the 11th satellite of the series, which reside in geostationary orbit, providing NASA and other government agencies with critical ground to space communications for other space assets, including the International Space Station, which occupy lower orbits.   One, TDRS-B was destroyed in the Challenger disaster and two others have been retired.  Another satellite is currently in production.

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