More on Falcon 9 First Stage Reusability

3,500 LG Threshold Credit: Elon Musk

3,500 tonne Threshold
Credit: Elon Musk

An Aviation Week blog interview with Elon Musk sheds a little more light on the Falcon 9’s commercial performance and how it will affected by first stage re-usability.

From the interview:

“Where I basically see this netting out is Falcon 9 will do satellites up to roughly 3.5 tonnes, with full reusability of the boost stage, and Falcon Heavy will do satellites up to 7 tonnes with full reusability of the all three boost stages,” he said, referring to the three Falcon 9 booster cores that will comprise the Falcon Heavy’s first stage. He also said Falcon Heavy could double its payload performance to GTO “if, for example, we went expendable on the center core.”

The full post is here.

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