Great Gams! Elon Musk Tweets a Shot Of Falcon Reusable Landing Strut


In case anyone is still not  taking SpaceX’s attempt at developing a reusable version of the Falcon 9 seriously,  Elon Musk tweeted this photo yesterday,  of what is apparently a flight weight version of one of the Falcon 9-R’s four telescoping landing struts. 

Besides learning that the vehicle will be pronounced “F-niner,”  a response to a subsequent tweet added a little more information, stating that telescoping arm will be driven by high pressure helium, and that the entire assembly weighs less than a Tesla Model S.  For what its worth, Tesla lists the curb weight of a Model S at 4,647.3 lbs, which would make the Falcon 9-R landing assembly a surprisingly light structure. 

Just one question,  how does SpaceX ever get anything done with all its employees just  standing around looking at stuff?

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  1. Pete says:

    Nice uniforms, wot? Looks a lot like a bunch of 1968 college seniors building a homecoming display…
    I LIKE it!I

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