Ariane V Launch Today (Again)

Credit: Arianespace


Update: After being scrubbed Friday due to high upper level winds, the Ariane V is looking for better conditions today for a second launch attempt.

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The European Ariane V launch vehicle is scheduled for liftoff from French Guiana during a launch window beginning at 3:05 PM CST.  The dual manifested mission will boost two communications satellites to Geostationary Transfer Orbit.  The larger of the two satellites is a Eutalsat 21, built by Thales Alenia and massing roughly 5,000 kg at launch.  The smaller satellite is for Brazilian operator Star One, and was built by Orbital Sciences, massing 3,225 kg at liftoff.

If all goes as planned, today’s event will mark the 52nd consecutive successful flight of the Ariane V out of a total of 66 missions.

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