Planetary Resources Hosting Two Media EventsToday

Credit  : Planetary Resources

Credit : Planetary Resources

Planetary Resources, which recently made news by entering into a collaborative  partnership with engineering and construction mega corporation Bechtel to advance its plans for asteroid mining,  will be holding a press conference at 10:00 AM PDT today, to announce a new project apparently aimed at expanding its outreach through crowdsourcing, a plan which will “change the way humanity explores the cosmos.” The announcement will be made by Peter Diamandis, Eric Anderson, Chris Lewicki, all of Planetary Resources, and “internet guy” Hank Green. The event will be streaming at

Later in the afternoon, the asteroid mining company will host a “community event,” beginning at 3:30 PDT, also  live streamed, in which the first panel will be joined by actor Brent Spiner.

Here are the highlights according to the Planetary Resources website

Program Highlights:

Gives students, teachers and the public access to the most innovative space observation technology ever built – This technology would have cost US$100M+ to build and launch less than a decade ago; and today, it will be controlled by students around the world to explore the cosmos.

Offers the opportunity for the public to directly participate in cutting-edge citizen science and discovery – Delivers a resource to thousands of institutions and researchers in need of greater access to space to further their work and rate of scientific discovery.

Invites the public to participate in Planetary Resources’ asteroid mining mission – Anyone with an interest in space can play a role in opening up the Solar System for human activity.

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