SpaceX Prepares To Try Again

After changing out a troublesome valve, SpaceX prepares for its second launch attempt for COTS 2/3. It is interesting to note that even with 9 engines clustered around the base of a what is not a large launch vehicle, SpaceX was once again able to effect repairs in short amount of time. While everyone concerned would have preferred a launch early Saturday morning,  both current and future customers now have another data point to suggest that the SpaceX team has developed a system which accurately diagnoses potential trouble and can quickly safe the rocket to protect the payload.  Equally important over the long tun, the SpaceX team has engineered a vehicle which can be worked on readily when the need arises.  As the company begins the effort to build a re-usable version of the Falcon, this will be an even more relevant characteristic. As another night launch attempt approaches, only one thing is for certain, the mosquitoes will get another bite of the apple! 

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