Cygnus Vessel SS Janice E Voss Berthed to ISS

Image Credit: NASA TV

Following an uneventful approach to ISS after its launch from Wallops on Sunday, the Orbital Sciences Cygnus cargo vessel SS Janice E. Voss is for now, a component of the Station itself. The vessel was grappled at 5:36 am CDT by Expedition 40 Commander Steve Swanson who was operating out of the Cupola using the Canadarm 2 remote manipulator. At the time, the complex was orbiting over northern Libya.

The next phase in the three part “by the book” procedure was handled by the robotics officer at NASA mission control in Houston as the craft was carefully maneuvered into the alignment position. At that point, the operation reverted back into space where Flight Engineer Reid Weisman issued the command to engage 16 locking bolts in the Common Berthing Mechanism.  Second stage capture was completed at 7:53 am CDT as ISS was 260 miles above the east coast of Australia.

The Cygnus is scheduled to depart on August 15.

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