DNC Astronaut Appearance: Hillary and Guns, Space Not So Much

Captain Mark Kelly Credit: NASA

Captain Mark Kelly
Credit: NASA

If anyone happened to waiting for the Democratic party to take credit for the amazing success enjoyed by NASA’s COTS/Commercial Resupply Program under the Obama Administration, using it as an example of what public /private partnerships can accomplish, they are likely to be sorely disappointed.

Speaking at the Democratic National Convention last night alongside his wife former Congresswoman Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords whom he introduced, retired NASA astronaut Mark Kelly had virtually nothing to say regarding the nation’s future in space, instead instantly pivoting to Hillary and gun control:

“From orbit, I saw our planet as a perfect blue marble, just floating there in the blackness of space. But I also saw receding glaciers and shrinking rain forests. At war, and in space, I saw the awesome extent of American power and capability. But it was so frustrating to return home and see how we struggle to address some of our greatest challenges.”




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