The Ties That Bind: Russian / Chinese Engine Cooperation

China Too? Credit Energomash

China Too?
Credit Energomash

From Tass:

“Russia and China are actively discussing the prospects of cooperation in space rocket engine-making, creating a heavy rocket, space stations and making long-distance space flights, Russia’s Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov told TASS on Tuesday.

“Our country has substantial potential accumulated in the sphere of engine-making. This is a well-known fact,” the ambassador said.”

So here’s an impudent question:

The U.S. Congress, led by Republicans has been absolutely opposed to any form of space cooperation with China. At the same time, a good portion of that same body has bent over backwards to support United Launch Alliances’ continued procurement of Russian RD-180 rocket engines for national defense and security launches.

Russia has freely admitted that for the last decade or so, it is that U.S. procurement, now joined by Orbital ATK, which has kept that segment of their technological base afloat.

Now Russia, understandably from its own perspective, is looking for other kinds of partnerships, with China.

Are we now not supporting China by proxy anyway?

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  1. PK Sink says:

    When have politicians ever let facts come between them and their gravy trains? Hopefully, NewSpace will make all this B.S. irrelevant in a few years.

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